The AeroYoga® & AeroPilates® Teachers Training Full Agenda

Known in this article the AeroYoga® & AeroPilates® teacher training  full agenda  :
Two integral systems that opens the door for development and personal growth (all levels, all conditions, all ages).

The AeroYoga ® system: Hundreds of original positions (aerial yoga postures) allow feelings of strength and freedom.

The Aero Yoga ® Institute is responsible for initial Aerial Yoga, fitness and pilates teacher training in Europe.
It provides a comprehensive programme of support to help you become a teacher, providing guidance all the way through the application process.

Through the International AeroYoga@ Association (the association that brings together all international AeroYoga ® schools ).
You’ll receive rigorous training, with new teachers rating their training as a very good preparation for the classroom.

The AeroYoga ® Institute presents international teachers training in Europe, USA and Latin America.

Conceptual Fitness © / AeroYoga ® have different influences, of these major influences is Natha Yoga and Ayurveda:

Even in ancient times was an advanced training of both body and spirit, breath and energy.
Learn how the Natha Yoga, Ayurveda, Art Therapy and holistic fitness (former holistic trainings techniques) have influenced the development of innovative methods created by Rafael Martinez.


·Level 0 -1 postures (floor & air), first contact with the swing, and rehabilitation.

·Restorative Aero Yoga Poses and gravity free Yoga (Level 2· Acrobatic).

·Ayurveda Rasayanas, ancient detox, toning and rejuvenation techniques applied to AeroYoga.

·Aero Yoga applied to Pilates and Fitness (AeroPilates®).

·Anatomical review and Therapeutics of Aero Pilates and AeroYoga. Physio Therapy.

·Pedagogy of AeroYoga: Teaching AeroYoga. Testing and analysis of each position.

Agenda includes Anatomy and Aero Yoga© physio Therapy with the help and advice of health workers.


Training material for work offered

The teachers training include:

·1 Swing: An exclusive ‘AeroYoga® PLUS’ brand swing.

·1 FakirYoga® Mat an acupression mat for Fakir Yoga© applied to Aerial techniques.

·1 Original AeroYoga® teachers book(english text), by Rafael Martinez. With over 300 pages this book contains a very detailed summary, drafted with the help of pedagogues and philologists.

·10 AeroYoga® & AeroPilates® original dvds.The course includes documentation and analysis of all posture sequences, complete dossiers, and a DVD recording of full-length classes taught by Rafael Martinez and demonstrating different positions for each module.


Unlike other methods with Aero Yoga ® you can enjoy with hundreds of original positions, which aims to be a real coaching for personal growth.

The Aero Yoga teacher training allows teachers to develop a unique and highly effective technique that is appropriate for students of all levels and abilities, and is fun, exciting and creative.

What is learned in the swing will not soon be forgotten, and one only needs further practice to grow and become a more and more developed instructor of this complete method of personal development.

This new and vital method of yoga was created by Rafael Martinez, who has nearly 30 years of experience practicing and teaching yoga around the world. Designed to promote perfect health *, awareness, and overall beauty of being, yoga in the swing has its roots in the oldest traditions of Natha Yoga and Ayurveda.

These disciplines are the basis of each exercise in this modern device (the swing), and the main objectives of the practice are bodily strength, rejuvenation, muscular redefinition, toning of the respiratory and digestive systems, deep relaxation, and Yoga Nidra to combat stress and anxiety effectively.

Our center has taught Aero Yoga teachers from Argentina, England, Italy, Venezuela, Mexico, Argentina, Paris, Puerto Rico, Madrid, Malaga, Valencia, Sevilla, and the Canary Islands.

Be the first in your region or country to offer Aero Yoga!

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