About the AeroYoga® Teacher Training Agenda.

On his Article: More information about the AeroYoga® teacher training agenda. From Rafael Martinez, AeroYoga® Institute executive director AeroYoga® is the firts method applying conscious breathing (from Natha Yoga & Pranayama) and Bnadhas to the Aerial Postures postures, with exercises like: ·Dynamic breathing and respiration “static” square breathing, apneas with and without air trapping (Puraka [...]

AeroYoga© Poses, the Aerial Goddess with Rafael Martinez.

CONTACT: aeroyoga@aeroyoga.es www.aerialyoga.tv (english) AerialYoga© Poses,  the Aerial Goddess on the Swing, with Rafael Martinez. Know today about this posture: Feel the body working with the help of the gravity free swing and get anti stress and relaxing results: Good for body and soul. Call today for more info about our international teachers training: 00 [...]

AeroYoga® in Las Hurdes, an Spiritual Region in Spain

Aerial Yoga (Yoga Creativo) travel to Las Hurdes and Portugal © www.aerialyoga.tv  www.aeroyoga.es  http://aerialyoga.tumblr.com/ AeroYoga ® Institute is the AeroYoga® International & Yoga Creativo® headquarters.(nathaYoga.org) Check for schedule updates here! http://www.aeroyoga.es/http-aeroyoga-es-clases-horarios-html.html Tel: 00 +34  91 457 2215   Mail: aeroyoga@outlook.com Creative Yoga Aero travels to the Hurdes region in Spain for practicing AeroYoga ®  in [...]

Aerial Yoga (AeroYoga®) and Butoh Contemporary Dance

Aerial Fitness “AeroYoga®) International Teachers Training Students. Arts and contemporary dance We present new articles on the website of Creative Yoga© (yogacreativo) and AeroYoga® International. This week explores the influences of Dance on Bhutto AeroYoga ® method. Photos: with the students in the teacher training institute AeroYoga ® Madrid. Different artistic influence this method to [...]

New Aerial Yoga Teachers Training in madrid, Spain, AeroYoga®

Upcoming courses: Madrid, Spain.  from the 4 to 14 February 2013 More dates and arrangements in Madrid, look here! Invest today in a formation that gives you fast and professional human benefits! Contact: aeroyoga@aeroyoga.es Hi I’m, Rafael Martinez, director of the Aero Yoga © Institute. Thanks again for your interest in the art of Aero [...]

Aerial Yoga Exercises for Nervous System, Stress and Anxiety

Aerial yoga (Conceptual Fitness®) are specially designed to strengthen nervous system, freeing the body of the pressures exerted allow to the mind recovers clarity, awareness and connection to the body.   [tabbed tabs="Training|Facebook|Twitter "] [tab] http://aeroyogausa.com/hello-world/ [/tab] [tab] https://www.facebook.com/pages/Aero-yoga/121538201198085[/tab] [tab]https://twitter.com/aeroyoga [/tab] [/tabbed] Today people need to exercise more than just the body. The emotional system and internal [...]

Aero Yoga Teacher Training: Aerial International Yoga Pilates Fitness Diploma

Find us in facebook! AeroYoga® is a revolutionary artistic, suspension method to personal growth , for body, creativity and soul: A real art therapy coaching for life. AeroYoga® has it’s roots in the oldest traditions of Natha Yoga, Mallakhamb Rope, and Ayurveda while adding a modern instrument like contemporary dance, Pilates and Alexander methods or [...]