Aerial Yoga & Pilates: Video-Exercice, The Acrobatic ‘Plank’ with Rafael Martinez

Aerial Pilates : Acrobatic Pose, The Plank on  the Swing Correct Pose.Pilates Aéreo: Postura de la Plancha en Suspensión, Mejora la Postura!AerialPilates by AeroYoga® International, the benefits of SUSPENSION + INVERSION©. VIDEO  AeroYoga® and AerialPilates® Methods. Benefits and description of the  Aerial Candle belowMail aeroyoga@aeroyoga.infoWhatsApp – Teléfono +34 680 905 699 Webs:ñol) (français) [...]

‪‎Aerial‬ ‪Yoga‬ Inversions. Benefits of Vaihayasa Salamaba Sirsasana

  ·Text & Pics by Rafael Martínez, Follow Rafael in Facebook, click here!  ·Follow AeroYoga® Official in Instagram, click here! · AEROYOGA® METHOD ‪#‎INVERSIONS‬: INDICATIONS AND CONTRA INDICATIONS FOR HEALTH*CONTACT:MAIL WhatsApp-Phone +34 680905699 ‪#‎BENEFITS‬,  Indications and contra indications of doing ‪#‎Aerial‬ ‪#‎Yoga‬ Inversions. As Doctor Tapia says (expert in Sport ‪#‎Medicine‬ and diplomate teacher [...]

Vaihayasa Yoga: 10 Health Benefits of the Aerial Half Bridge Pose

Text and Pics by Rafael Martínez, Follow Rafael in Facebook, Click Here! Follow AeroYoga® Official in Instagram, click here! · Rafael Martínez by AeroYoga ® International Introduce the AeroYoga® INTERNATIONAL ‪#‎AEROYOGA‬ ‪#‎TEACHERSTRAINING‬ Madrid, France, Switherland, Mexico, USA, Colombia , Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador.. FOLLOW THE AEROYOGA® OFFICIAL PAGE ON FACEBOOK HERE! CONTACT: MAIL WhatsApp-Phone [...]

New Aerial Yoga Teachers Training in madrid, Spain, AeroYoga®

Upcoming courses: Madrid, Spain.  from the 4 to 14 February 2013 More dates and arrangements in Madrid, look here! Invest today in a formation that gives you fast and professional human benefits! Contact: Hi I’m, Rafael Martinez, director of the Aero Yoga © Institute. Thanks again for your interest in the art of Aero [...]