Aerial Yoga: Would you like to take off at work and set up your own Aeroyoga® center?

Aero Yoga International is the franchise that helps you take off professionally and set up your own AeroYoga® and AeroPilates® center! Online or face-to-face training option, you choose !. Would you like to take off at work and set up your own Aeroyoga® center? Aero Yoga Institute offers to you the 1st internationally approved diploma [...]

Online! Aerial Yoga Teacher Training by AeroYoga® International, Video

Hi! I’m Rafael Martinez, Executive director of AeroYoga® International. Featuring today the new AeroYoga® online Teacher Training in english. (look at the video featuring TT & album below). We have trained teachers around the world since the last decade and now we are ready to training teachers (online and in english) with an accredited International certification, accepted [...]

Aerial Yoga News: AeroYoga® Official Trademark Also in Brazil

Hi Brazil, Hi World! We have the great pleasure of communicating that the AeroYoga ® brand has also been recognized in Brazil! I’m Rafael Martinez, AeroYoga® International executive director and AeroYoga® and AeroPIlates® methods creator. AeroYoga® is an official trademark also in the great Brazil:  Thanks to this new recognition as an international brand, all our graduate students and [...]

Mick Jagger do AeroYoga® by Rafael Martinez in the Daily Mail Journal

Mick Jagger do AeroYoga® (Aerial Yoga) “Into the Rafael Martinez body” as the Daily mail publish Today! I was impressed (and gave me a good laugh also!) When I discovered this morning in the Daily Mail (UK) BIG MICK JAGGER HEAD STUCK TO MY  BODY (Rafael Martinez) and the official swing for AeroYoga®  method !. The pic [...]

Aerial Yoga on Tumbrl, AeroYoga® teacher Training Official Page

Text & Pics by Rafael Martínez, Follow Rafael On Facebook Click here, Follow AeroYoga® in  Instagram, click here! ·  FOLLOW AEROYOGA® INTERNATIONAL PAGE ON TUMBRL. Thousands of original ‪#‎AerialYoga‬ pics, videos and tutorials by ‪#‎RafaelMartinez‬ #‎AeroYoga‬ ® is a revolutionary artistic suspension method for personal growth designed by Rafael Martinez. Registered Trademark in ‪#‎USA‬ ‪#‎CANADA‬ & ‪#‎EUROPE‬ , AEROYOGA® system is the first inspired in Natha and ‪#‎Hatha‬ ‪#‎Yoga‬ ‪#‎Pilates‬ ‪#‎Ayurveda‬‪#‎arts‬ and [...]

Aerial Yoga New Teacher Training in Mexico! by AeroYoga® International

Text & Pic by Rafael Martínez in ‪#‎AeroYoga‬ International- by @AeroYoga Instagram · CONTACT!:  Mail   Whatsapp +34 680905699    Web Beginning ‪#‎Today‬ in ‪#‎Mexico‬ ‪#‎DF‬ a New International AeroYoga - ‪#‎AeroPilates‬ ‪#‎TeacherTraining‬ Welcome Every‪#‎Body‬ !‪ More info about de first International AeroYoga® AerialPIlates® International method in Europe and America, click on our page AeroYoga® Institute is the first specialized Aerial Yoga Center  Member of IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapist). IAYT Member Schools primarily [...]

Aerial Yoga Teachers Training Group, Today in Madrid AeroYoga® Institute

  Aero yoga Text and Pics by Rafael Martíne on Facebook, click here! also onInstagram click here! Take a look and Follow Aero Yoga Official Page on Facebbok, click here!   Today with the ‪#‎AerialYoga‬ Teacher Training students Where? Aero yoga® Institute Madrid (& Aero Pilates ) WHERE?: WEEKEND TT ‪#‎SPAIN‬- OCT 2014 Thanks to [...]

Aerial Yoga: The “Christ” Pose, Benefits for Muscular System & Wellness

On this Album: AeroYoga® International Presents a series of images and original AeroYoga ® method poses, with its benefits for health and physical well-being, positive effects on emotional and mental level, how can improve breathing and spiritually nourishing effect. FIND THIS PHOTO IN THE ALBUM “AERIAL YOGA POSES & BENEFITS” ON FACEBOOK. Click here to [...]

Aerial Pilates Puerto Rico: The Trapeze for Yoga, Pilates & Fitness

In this article, Introducing AerialPilates® in Puerto Rico. AeroYoga® International (Aerial Pilates, Pilates Swing, Pilates Trapeze, Aerial Fitness) – ‘ International Teachers Training in  USA and Puerto Rico with Rafael Martínez and his team. C O N T A C T Mail Whatsapp+34 680 905 699 RAFAEL MARTINEZ DEVELOPS AERIAL PILATES & AERIAL YOGA [...]

Aerial Meditation on a Swing, Practice Outside, Power Anti Age & Anti Stress

AirMeditation© or Aerial Meditation© is a way to facilitate the meditative process, throught a new artwork concept for personal growth,  in suspension called AeroYoga®, by  Rafael Martinez. AeroYoga® is an original method that includes aerial poses and exercices in the air, with the help of the tool called AeroYoga® swing ( this prop is included on [...]