AeroYoga® International Teacher Training with Rafael Martinez, Aerial Yoga May 2015

  Pics & Text by Rafael Martínez, Follow Rafael on Instagram, click here! 4 min · Instagram · AERIAL YOGA TEACHER TRAINING IN COLOMBIA MAY 2015 WITH RAFAEL MARTINEZ, INVERSION, ACROBATICAND MEDITATION POSES ON THE SWING BOGOTA MAY 2015- INTERNATIONAL AEROYOGA® & AEROPILATES® COLOMBIAN TEACHER TRAINING with Rafael Martínez & Aero Pilates & the International AeroYoga Association. In this article [...]

New Aerial Yoga Teachers Training in madrid, Spain, AeroYoga®

Upcoming courses: Madrid, Spain.  from the 4 to 14 February 2013 More dates and arrangements in Madrid, look here! Invest today in a formation that gives you fast and professional human benefits! Contact: Hi I’m, Rafael Martinez, director of the Aero Yoga © Institute. Thanks again for your interest in the art of Aero [...]

Aerial Yoga Exercises for Nervous System, Stress and Anxiety

Aerial yoga (Conceptual Fitness®) are specially designed to strengthen nervous system, freeing the body of the pressures exerted allow to the mind recovers clarity, awareness and connection to the body.   [tabbed tabs="Training|Facebook|Twitter "] [tab] [/tab] [tab][/tab] [tab] [/tab] [/tabbed] Today people need to exercise more than just the body. The emotional system and internal [...]

The AeroYoga® & AeroPilates® Teachers Training Full Agenda

Known in this article the AeroYoga® & AeroPilates® teacher training  full agenda  : Two integral systems that opens the door for development and personal growth (all levels, all conditions, all ages). The Aero Yoga ® Institute is responsible for initial Aerial Yoga, fitness and pilates teacher training in Europe. It provides a comprehensive programme of [...]

Aerial Yoga Teachers Training (AeroYoga® Swing)

The AeroYoga ® Institute presents the international training courses in Spain, Latin America and the U.S.. Contact for details at Phone 00 +34 91 457 2215 call today for details!. The trainings are supported by the International AeroYoga ® Association (the association that brings together all international AeroYoga ® schools ). Look at the [...]

Aerial Yoga: Coaching for Life 2015!

In this photo album, at the AeroYoga® and AeroPilates® teachers training course, the students are trained to be the best future AeroYoga® and AeroPilates® teachers .’The AeroYoga ® is the first training center in Europe’ (Sprit Yoga Magazine, France). AeroYoga system (air yoga and arial pilates ) is much more than fitness, this is a [...]

…At the AeroYoga ® Institute

In this photo album, at the AeroYoga ® and AeroPilates ® teachers training course, the students are trained to be the best future teachers and AeroYoga ® AeroPilates ®. ‘The AeroYoga ® is the first training center in Europe’ (Sprit Yoga Magazine, France). This international course in Madrid receives students from all over Europe and [...]

All About the AeroYoga® System

AeroYoga® is a unique, fascinating, creative, playful and effective technique for physical and psychological well-being. AeroYoga® (Conceptual Fitness©) is designed to enhance perfect health, consciousness, and the total beauty of one’s being. Aero Yoga comprises notions of Natha Yoga, Ayurveda, Art Therapy, Pilates, Holistic GYm, Anatomy, Physiotherapy, Health, Nutrition, Aromatherapy and applies these to its [...]

Aero Yoga Teacher Training: Aerial International Yoga Pilates Fitness Diploma

Find us in facebook! AeroYoga® is a revolutionary artistic, suspension method to personal growth , for body, creativity and soul: A real art therapy coaching for life. AeroYoga® has it’s roots in the oldest traditions of Natha Yoga, Mallakhamb Rope, and Ayurveda while adding a modern instrument like contemporary dance, Pilates and Alexander methods or [...]