International Aerial Yoga Teachers Training Dates by AeroYoga®

  International Teachers Training Look Here about our 2013-14 International teachers Training in Europe, North America and South America. More info at International Teachers Training by Rafael Martinez and his crew AeroYoga® is the only holistic suspension training  method where join arts & therapy, acrobatics and  basics-restaurative levels. From Aerial Yoga© to [...]

AeroYoga® & LitoTherapy Applied to Aerial Yoga©: Healing with Stones *

AeroYoga ® © and LitoTherapy Applied to Aerial Yoga©: Healing with Stones * If you want to acquire experience as AeroYoga ® teacher  join the first  International  aerial method (made in Spain!). 200 hours course homologous with major international yoga associations , (50 hours classroom and  150 hours supervised home practice ). First aerial method [...]

Aerial Meditation: Anti Stress Effects by AeroYoga®.

AeroMeditation© in La Mancha region, Spain  with Rafael Martinez by  International AeroYoga® This August we have been in La Mancha region, Spain, practicing Aerial Meditation©. As Quixotes defying the heat, we found places full of nature, magic and intimacy to practice meditation outdoors. Photos: With the AeroYoga ® Institute crew, August  2013, meditation in weightlessness [...]

Anti Cellulite : Nutrition Tips and Drenaige with AeroYoga®

The AeroYoga® (Aerial Yoga) practice   and a proper nutrition* can be a natural and effective solution to combat cellulite. Red fruits. green tee , less sugar and salt and exercices to help to drainage, like the AeroYoga® Method, are some tips to tonifie your body and avoid cellulite Cellulitis can be caused by various reasons: [...]

Next AeroYoga® Teachers Training: Mexico 3-10 Nov. 2013

Come with us and obtain the AeroYoga® certificate with the “First Europe Aerial Yoga Teacher Training  ” (also in North America and Latin America!). AeroYoga® México Aerial Yoga© Teachers Training 3 -10 november 2013 Aerial Pilates® LAST PLACES!. CONTACT: Call us in Mexico to cell 011+52 +1 36407305 Our Web in Mexico: NEW! [...]

About the AeroYoga® Teacher Training Agenda.

On his Article: More information about the AeroYoga® teacher training agenda. From Rafael Martinez, AeroYoga® Institute executive director AeroYoga® is the firts method applying conscious breathing (from Natha Yoga & Pranayama) and Bnadhas to the Aerial Postures postures, with exercises like: ·Dynamic breathing and respiration “static” square breathing, apneas with and without air trapping (Puraka [...]

From Aero Yoga to Aerial Pilates: The Artistic Way With a Swing

Contact: Aerial Pilates is an artistic  postural  method to enhance the physical and mental abilities.Used in approved centers, has been created and developed in Spain by Rafael Martinez, from the AeroYoga ® Institute, Headquarters of International AeroYoga® Association. AeroPilates ®  is a postural correction method used with the Aerial Pilates© Swing.Ask about the [...]

AeroYoga© Poses, the Aerial Goddess with Rafael Martinez.

CONTACT: (english) AerialYoga© Poses,  the Aerial Goddess on the Swing, with Rafael Martinez. Know today about this posture: Feel the body working with the help of the gravity free swing and get anti stress and relaxing results: Good for body and soul. Call today for more info about our international teachers training: 00 [...]

AeroYoga® in Las Hurdes, an Spiritual Region in Spain

Aerial Yoga (Yoga Creativo) travel to Las Hurdes and Portugal © AeroYoga ® Institute is the AeroYoga® International & Yoga Creativo® headquarters.( Check for schedule updates here! Tel: 00 +34  91 457 2215   Mail: Creative Yoga Aero travels to the Hurdes region in Spain for practicing AeroYoga ®  in [...]

25 Aerial Yoga Total Benefits

Photos: With the International AeroYoga teachers training ®, Madrid Spain June 2012.  (Aerial gravity free yoga and pilates anti age). Contact mail: 25 Aerial Yoga Benefits AeroYoga ® is the art of gravity free personal development with the help of an special swing,  that can bring great benefits * for health and beauty such [...]