Aerial Yoga benefits for Men

Men Also do AeroYoga!: Benefits for health, Exercice, Wellness                    ‪  by Aero Yoga International, followAeroYoga®in Facebook here!  #‎Men‬ also practice ‪#‎AEROYOGA‬ ! 10 ‪#‎BENEFITS‬ FOR MEN ! by AeroYoga It is an ‪#‎Aerial‬ ‪#‎Yoga‬ method developed by ‪#‎RafaelMartinez ‬supervised by medical specialists in ‪#‎sports‬ ‪#‎medecine‬ and designed to increase*: 1-Body awareness. 2-Vital force. 3-Respiratory consciousness.4-Mental and muscular strength. 5-Elasticity.  6-Muscle definition.  7-Joint health. 8-The power of Bio ‪#‎Energy‬ awareness .  9-The ‪#‎power‬ of ‪#‎Meditation‬  10-Self [...]

Aerial Yoga Teacher Training in Barcelona – Don’t Miss Next Dates!

-IAA (International AeroYoga Association) Presents: AeroYoga® AeroPilates® Official TeacherTraining in Barcelona. Several Dates before the end of 2015! Suported by: -IAA (International AeroYoga® Association) -ANPAP ( Asociación Nacional de Pilates Aéreo© AeroPilates). ENJOY THE ONLY INTERNATIONAL TEACHER TRAINING REGISTERED IN MORE THAND 160 COUNTRIES, WITH A BRAND REGISTERED IN USA, EUROPE, CANADA , LATIN AMERICA [...]

Aerial Yoga Teacher Training in Cancun, with Rafael Martinez by AeroYoga® International

DISCOVER A NEW 2015 CANCUN AERIAL YOGA TEACHER TRAINING AERIAL YOGA- AERIAL PILATES – AERIAL FITNESS BY AEROYOGA® INTERNATIONAL  WEB: (english)  MAIL  WHATSAPP +34 680905699 You can read this  Aerial Yoga Teachers Training article also in the Official Yoga Creativo© Blog, click here! EASTER 2015, Beginning Today a new Aerial Yoga Teacher Training! Rafael Martinez  developed this [...]

Aerial Yoga Teacher Training in Barcelona by AeroYoga® International

Text & Pics by Rafael Martínez, from AeroYoga® International Teachers Training  Follow Rafael Martinez & AeroYoga® Official in Instagram. click here! · BARCELONA AERIALYOGA TEACHER TRAINING : First Teachers Training by AeroYoga® AeroPIlates® AerialFitness® International in Catalonia ‪#‎BARCELONA‬ THIS WEEK! BEGINNING THE FIRST OFFICIAL ‪#‎TEACHER‬TRAINING ‪#‎AERIALYOGA‬ & ‪#‎AERIALPILATES‬ IN CATALONIA !. ‪#‎AEROYOGA‬ TT with ‪#‎RafaelMartinez‬,theb AeroYoga® & AerialPilates© system creator, by AeroYoga® International. “Rafael Martinez has [...]

Aerial Yoga Teacher Training: Barcelona 15-19 March 2015

Text & Pic by Rafael Martínez on Instagram, click here to follow AeroYoga®, Read this article  also in the yogacreativo web, click here ‪#‎BARCELONA‬ 15-19 MARCH 2015- AEROYOGA® ‪#‎TEACHERSTRAINING‬– WITH RAFAEL MARTINEZ (AERIALPILATES® AERIALFITNESS®) -Last Places !. DURING THE AEROYOGA® AEROPILATES® AERIALFITNESS® INTERNATIONAL ‪#‎TEACHERS‬ ‪#‎TRAINING‬ COURSE (‪#‎VAIHAYASA‬‪#‎YOGA‬ TEACHER TRAINING) CONTACT MAIL: I WHATSAPP -Telephone: (+34) 680 905 699 WEB: (català) (english)ñol) (français) IN [...]

Aerial Yoga USA: Vaihayasa Meditation on a Swing, Benefits

  Text & Pics by Rafael Martínez, with his students during the International AeroYoga® TT, follow Rafael on Facebook, click here! Follow AeroYoga® Official Page on Instagram clic here! · ‪ #‎AERIAL‬ MEDITATION BENEFITS FOR THE HEALTH* AND ‪#‎WELLBEING‬   Aerial ‪#‎Meditation‬ © is a way to facilitate the meditative process, throught a new artwork concept [...]

Aerial Yoga: Acrobatic Pose Benefits of Vaihayasa Yoga on Trapeze

  Rafael Martínez 3 de marzo a la(s) 8:54 · Instagram · ‪#‎AerialYoga‬, Freestyle Pose Trapeze work: , health benefits and well-being with this exercise of Holistic Fitness©. In this album: International AeroYoga® & AerialPIlates® presents a series of original postures by AeroYoga ® method with its benefits * health and physical well-being, his positive effects on emotional [...]

Vaihayasa Yoga Classes & Teacher Training, International AeroYoga®, Aerial Pilates© 2015 Dates

  Pic & text by Rafael Martínez Follow Rafael in Facebook click here! Follow AeroYoga® Institute in Instagram here! · AeroYoga® & AerialPilates© by Rafael Martinez “One of the best system for postural correction & healthing life style”: Discover this revolutionary method developed & recorded in more than 35 countries!. Do you want to be an Vaihayasa Yoga & [...]

Aerial Yoga: Acrobatic Pose Benefits, The Aero Plow (Vaihayasa Halasana)

Pic: Rafael Martinez doing Aerial Yoga in Puerto Rico ·Text and Pics by Rafael Martínez, from AeroYoga® international, follow rafael on facebook, click here!·Follow AeroYoga® on Instagram, click on AeroYoga® Instagram here!  Contact: Mail Whatsapp- Phone +34 680905699  INTRODUCING A NEW ‪#‎ACROBATIC‬ ‪#‎AERIALYOGA‬ POSE DURING OUR INTERNATIONAL ‪#‎AEROYOGA‬®  ‪#‎AERIALPILATES®‬ ‪#‎AEROFITNESS‬® TM #‎TEACHERTRAINING‬ -2015 International TT Dates click [...]

Aerial Yoga: Aero Meditation Benefits (Vaihayasa Dhyana)

AERIAL MEDITATION BENEFITS* FOR ‪#‎HEALTH‬ AND ‪#‎WELLNESS‬ Pic:  Rafael Martinez d do ‪#‎Aerial‬ ‪#‎Meditation‬ (‪#‎Vaihayasa‬ Dhyana) on the‪#‎AeroYoga‬ ‪#‎Swing‬ INTERNATIONAL AEROYOGA® 2015 TEACHER TRAINING CLICK HERE TO KNOW 2015 TT DATES! Read this article at the Yoga Creativo© Blog click here! -Aerial Meditation© is a way to facilitate the meditative process, throught a new artwork concept for personal growth,  in suspension called AeroYoga® (‪#‎aerialyoga‬). AeroMeditación© is an artistic [...]