New Aerial Yoga Teachers Training in madrid, Spain, AeroYoga®

Upcoming courses: Madrid, Spain.  from the 4 to 14 February 2013
Inversions and Suspension Training with AeroYoga® and Aerial Pilates©
More dates and arrangements in Madrid, look here! Invest today in a formation that gives you fast and professional human benefits!
Hi I’m, Rafael Martinez, director of the Aero Yoga © Institute.
Thanks again for your interest in the art of Aero Yoga©, we will happy to recieve you in ours international teachers training!.
We are introducin new courses and diplomas to be a professor of the Aero Yoga® technique 2013.
With this diploma you can offer Aero Yoga ® classes (Aerial yoga ©) and Aero Pilates ® (Pilates Air ©)
The dates for the next Intensive that last 11 days are from the 4 to 14 February 2013.
You end up with a Diploma in AeroYoga © International in Spain:
To see more dates and arrangements in Madrid, click here!  (spanish)
 Our training in Spain  offers the main dossier inenglish translation and a personal translator for the english spoken students.
ATTENTION this diploma includes (Spain):
1-Diploma in AeroYoga ®
2-Diploma in AeroPilates ®
3-Diploma in FakirYoga ® applied to the swing (swing) (promotion)
4- As a gift the AeroYoga PLUS ® swing
5- A gift of an acupressure matt  (for fakiryoga ®)
6 – Dossiers exclusive formation by Rafael Martinez and drafted with the help of teachers and philologists. Available in English.
DVD 7-10, with 10 different and unique classes AeroYoga and AeroPilates system. (Including 3 of AeroPilates)
· We are also in Buenos Aires: Look! · Mexico, Easter 2013
Training and Diploma Aero Yoga © Madrid and Buenos Aires, Mexico, Colombia 2013

Because it is the first universal weightlessness system (open to all)
Aero Yoga® System can improve Health* and Consciousness

-Because with this diploma:

1-You can offer classes for almost all types of people, gender, age there physical condition doesn´t matter!:

You have 3 levels of intensity REGISTERED AND EXCLUSIVE from the floor up to as high as you can, also from treating rehabilitation and Yoga Nidra to acrobatics

2-You can provide the three different versions for each audience in your studio Aero Yoga©  classes  ( the holistic method with 3 different levels and intensity ) Aro Pilates © (technical method Air) and Air Fitness © (air aerobic method): The 3 Systems are REGISTERED and worked exclusively by the Aero Yoga Institute.

3-The AeroYoga ® Institute International researches, develops, protects the art, a diploma and the exclusivity of the system and the license allows you to use them in your study in the regular classroom environment.

What Health Benefits *, physical and psychological can your students get? click here
Students form the Teachers Training in Madrid

THE AERO YOGA aims primarily self-realization,
fighting the negative effects of stress and a modern lifestyle such as the sedentary lifestyle that is very degenerative for the body and for the mind (premature aging)*.

Moreover the aeroyoga swing is adaptable for possible use by health professionals in rehabilitation and physical therapy through a special foam embeddable, and for artists and Air Dancers by special ropes who need longer ropes, for more precise movements.

Aero Yoga is the only aerial system that includes it in its design and protocol training professionals from medicine and physiotherapy to contemporary dance and fine arts.

It is for this reason that while other techniques may be similar only is AeroYoga is AeroYoga ©!.

AeroYoga ® Institute. Where we are in Madrid? Look here

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* consult to your doctor any health problem. Some Aero Yoga® postures are not recommended for some pathologies

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