From Aero Yoga to Aerial Pilates: The Artistic Way With a Swing


Aerial Pilates is an artistic  postural  method to enhance the physical and mental abilities.Used in approved centers, has been created and developed in Spain by Rafael Martinez, from the AeroYoga ® Institute, Headquarters of International AeroYoga® Association.

AeroPilates ®  is a postural correction method used with the Aerial Pilates© Swing.Ask about the Air Pilates certification teachers training.
Aerial Pilates certified  teachers training help to transform the  posture patterns and habits , helps improve mobility, strength, physical-brain  performance  and reflexes.
AeroPilates ® works to help the student to relieve* chronic stiffness, tension and stress.
Reasons to practice Aerial Pilates ®

Aerial Pilates© contributes to improve performance:

Fostering body position correction in different environments and effort & energy management .
The student  is thus able to make greater efforts, for longer, with less sense of fatigue and wear, in the actual practice of this original  method in suspension, in their daily lives.

In athletes and sedentary people helps improve the capacity and condition of the joints and muscles-joint.

Aerial Pilates© raises awareness of postural “chronic”  patterns that “suck” your energy every day.
It also proposes a particular support:
Aerial Pilates© Swing facilitates the re-education of the body and mental concentration which leads to an optimal state of well-being and performance.

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