Anti Cellulite : Nutrition Tips and Drenaige with AeroYoga®

The AeroYoga® (Aerial Yoga) practice   and a proper nutrition* can be a natural and effective solution to combat cellulite. Red fruits. green tee , less sugar and salt and exercices to help to drainage, like the AeroYoga® Method, are some tips to tonifie your body and avoid cellulite

Cellulitis can be caused by various reasons: Fat, poor circulation, lack of exercise.
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Cellulitis can be caused by various reasons: Fat, poor circulation, lack of exercise …, To combat it we can use therapies like massage with essential oils, an effective exercise (such as practicing the AeroYoga ® method ), specific  food in general  can help counteract the problem.

Cellulite is born in most cases of a sedentary lifestyle (like stay long in the same position (sitting or standing), or a diet low in fiber, rich in carbohydrates and lipids.
According to experts, to help fight must move towards a more active life, the practice of effective exercise and eating healthier and more balanced.


According to nutritionists these would be the foods we should avoid and what to consume.
It is not necessary to reduce the amounts  it is simply the right choice when it comes to eating.

These tips can help you reduce cellulite and slimming (weight loss) *

Foods  to avoid:

Avoid excess salt, we can get used to replace salt excess spices, herbs, parsley and onion … and the use of sodium substitutes for the potassium salt *

Foods to eat in moderation:

Recipes made with oil and butter.
We recommend the grill, cook food in the oven or even better steamed.

They are authorized vegetable oils such as extra virgin olive.

The vegetables and raw salads help you lose weight, but not to fight cellulite, due to its high content of mineral salts that help retain  water.
We suggest baking these steamed vegetables, and consume mainly eggplant, celery, peppers, cabbages and leeks.

Food  to add to the diet:

The protein, found primarily in eggs, tofu, avocado, white meat and fish.. They are involved in muscle development.
This forces the body lean proteins at a given time to draw the energy from fat cells.

Iron-rich foods such as lentils.
Iron helps transport oxygen to the blood (low levels of iron leads to increased fatigue or anemia, avoid coffee because coffee absorbs iron).

Fish and seafood:

They contain fatty acids of which the famous omega 3, these foods have anti-inflammatory properties, which prevent swelling effect.

Potassium, stimulates lymphatic drainage, ie allows the decongestion of those areas where it is located the orange peel.
Potassium is found mostly in nuts, brewer’s yeast and vegetables such as endive.

Whole foods, like pasta, rice, cereals, as they absorb toxins and give us feeling full.
But rice and pasta should be eaten moderately, about three times a week, especially if you do not practice sport.

Vitamin C:
abundant in fruits, strengthens the walls of blood vessels.
The kiwi also helps fight stress and regulate intestinal transit.

Red fruits containing vitamin P for allowing an improvement of the blood circulation.
Antioxidants these foods also promote the regeneration of cells.

It Matters:

Hydrate yourself  throughout the day to help eliminate waste and toxins from our body.
Drink water but also tea, especially green tea because it limits the absorption of lipids, carbohydrates and combat water retention.


Anti Cellulite Exercises AeroYoga ® technique

AeroYoga ® is a method of artistic and personal growth designed by Rafael Martinez.

AeroYoga® (Aerial Yoga© ) Anti Cellulite spcific exercises well executed, help lose weight, tone up, lose weight.
The potential of this method is that it can have positive reach in many ways, both physical and emotional.

In today’s article we focus on the AeroYoga® anti cellulite power .
This method is the first to be introduced in Europe training with a protocol that includes specific exercises to promote drainage, and detoxification.

This is because AeroYoga ® (and AerialPilates®) is the first Aerial system inspired by the ancient traditions of Ayurveda Rasayanas whose objectives are always present (rejuvenation, detoxification and toning).

This method has specific anti cellulite exercises for all levels such as the “Aero Sirsasanas©”, or “Sweet Chinese Torture©” or “The Happy Goldfish” , Ask about these exercises in v your official center
These help the drainage original exerted anti sagging and orange peel skin and helps tone muscles while draining, axial decompression help (health of the spine) and also our brain drain (anti stress).

The practice of AeroYoga ® (Aerial Yoga) and a  proper nutrition* can be a natural and effective solution to combat cellulite. Cellulitis can be caused by various reasons: Fat, poor circulation, lack of exercise …

Ask for the AeroYoga® official seal in your studio.
Only AeroYoga® official centers and AeroPilates© (AerialPilates) can guarantee safety and outcomes with your workouts.

Teachers Training Check with the availability and prices. That Works! Mail:

* Check with your doctor any health problems,  nutritional change in your diet and the practice of a demanding physical activity.

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