Aerial Yoga: The Aero- Padmasana Pose

Aerial Yoga Exercises for Nervous System: May Have Good Result Against Stress, Anxiety and Depression *

in this article the benefits* of AeroYoga®  method for nervous and
emotional system and the virtues of the position of the Aero-Padamasana©
(Vaihayasa-Padmasana ©) working trough the cardiac and digestive

Photos made during the teachers training AeroYoga ® Mexico (Riviera Maya) with training students.

Thanks to all professional students to participate in this event! 

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Today people we need to exercise more than just our bodies.
Many people suffer physical and emotionally and this affect their life quality
The emotional system is related to our quality of life and personal growth.
our current urban hectic and demanding world increasingly perceive how
our students suffer from lack of concentration, forgetfulness, tendency
to despondency, discouragement and depression, fears, insecurities,
physical and emotional pain * …
In fact more and more people go to
the doctor for medication!, If not go to specialized techniques such as
yoga, breathing or therapists looking for a solution that goes beyond
traditional medicine teachers.

The “Gravity Free” system
AeroYoga® and AerialPilates® permit, effectively,
clear mind and body and free it from the constant physical and mental
stresses to which it is subjected modern man and woman.

The AeroYoga
® method designed some exercices specifically et directly  to the
internal organs (alike heart and digestive organs), which respond
particularly positively to working in weightlessness!.

The work
of the muscular skeletal system is essential for physical fitness, but
the internal organs also require attention for optimal and comprehensive
results that go beyond aesthetics.

The AeroYoga ® system is
part of a complex method of different techniques among which AerialPilates®, Aerial Fitness, YogaCreativo®, FakirYoga ©, FacialSculptor (Facial
Yoga), and Art Therapy.

All this techniques have a common goal: 

-Exercising postural awareness, 

-Develop creativity and 

-Promote beauty in the human being.

aerial yoga swing

As mentioned previously today people need to exercise more than just our bodies.
® has the ability to affect important organs of our body, so working
them decoupled, incisive and later in tune with other organs.

with AeroYoga ® and AerialPilates© encourage physical improvement and
advanced aesthetics, the nervous system is one of the aspects that are
particularly suitable for the job free of gravity, as to rid the body of
the pressure exerted on it’s mind gets clarity, awareness and
connection with the body.

In the Ayurvedic medicinal* system, the heart is an organ that works in close harmony with the mind.
According to Swami Joythimayananda reputed Ayurvedic physician, author of the book-Ayurveda, an ancient science to modern man-:
“Healing the heart can cure all disorders of the mind and nervous system.”


Aerial- Padmasana position allows the body directly nourish the heart
(cardiac muscle) and the digestive tract, freeing the body and mind of
stress and tensions.
Make this position under the supervision of a qualified instructor in AeroYoga ® and AerialPilates ®.

classic posture padamasana on a yoga mat, can cause pain or discomfort
or directly be contraindicated for knee and spine problems.  

AeroYoga® method offers an original suspended version that allows us
to perform from classical stance “Royal Lotus”  with much less impact on the knee joints (meniscus) with a sense
like being seated “floating” in the air, which seeks to effect
correction and simultaneous strain in the column.


The Ayurveda recommends eating better food and a goog mood.

original AeroYoga ® method, inspired by this ancient health system,
reenacts the method proposing a series of exercises and postures.

To feed the heart and the digestive system and sequences AeroYoga ® proposes internationally his classes for every one, even in levels ’0 ‘and ’1′, less demandind physically.
This levels allow focus on abdominal and thoracic
breathing biorhythms that stabilize, mitigate oppressive sensation in
the ribcage and improve digestion.

With the  help of the yoga swing  (AeroYoga® props) we balance body and heart, allowing the energy
and sense of well being again flow through the heart muscle.


® recommends these two exercises and tips for toning Cardiac System,
Digestive System y Emotional System like a good Anti Stress Therapy*:
1 Square Suspended
-Breathing (in the AeroYoga® Swing)
in 4 times (counting to four), feel the same feel as your belly expands
first, then your chest forward, to the sides and behind. Direct the
breath energy to the digestive tract (stomach) and heart.
Air-seal (full lung apnea ) count of four and feels like your belly and heart are nurtured and calm.
-Exhale count of four pushing air into four times, feels a cleansing effect on belly and heart.
of four following exhalation, feel your belly and heart are now clean,
calm and ready to nourish again with another respiratory cycle.

Perform this exercise for at least 3 minutes.

Make this exercised without anxiety, stop the exercise or  divided  the time by two, if you find its too demanding for you.

2- Ayurvedic Advices to Improve Cardiac and Digestive System*

· Consume fresh and balanced food and drinks quantity of mineral water.
· Eat on calm and stress free.
· Focus on chew each food: Avoid to much spicy foods or too fatty flavor.
· Consume unsaturated fats and omega3.
· Breathe deeply and consciously three times when you feel  chest  or abdominal stress.

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AeroYoga® Institute is the first specialized Aerial Yoga Center member of IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapist).
IAYT Member Schools primarily include schools with yogatherapy training programs. Please visit the websites for schools in
which you are interested for details about their programs.

note is a non-binding information. Health problems should be supervised
by a medical professional, consult with your doctor any health problem and
convenience in your own case to practicing a demanding physical activity
like aero yoga.


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