Aerial Yoga Exercises for Nervous System, Stress and Anxiety

Aerial yoga (Conceptual Fitness®) are specially designed to strengthen nervous system, freeing the body of the pressures exerted allow to the mind recovers clarity, awareness and connection to the body.


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Today people need to exercise more than just the body.
The emotional system and internal organs also require attention to achieve optimal results  beyond aesthetics.

AeroYoga ® System is part of a complex method of different techniques among which AeroPilates ®, FakirYoga ©, FacialSculptor and Creative Arts Therapy, with the idea of offering a complete and comprehensive system for people.

Those methods have a common goal:
To exercise postural awareness, creativity and beauty in the human being.

AeroYoga® system can benefit*  important organs of our body, working them in isolation or in tune with other organs.
The emotional system and internal organs also require attention to achieve optimal results and integrals that go beyond aesthetics.

Even if Aerial yoga (AeroYoga® AeroPilates®) encourage physical improvement and sophisticated appearance, can have positive effects in the nervous system thanks to gravity free work on the swing,  by freeing the body of the pressures exerted:
That helps to the mind recovers clarity, awareness and connection to the body.

Aerial Yoga Nidra, deep relaxation for anxiety and nervious system

In the Ayurvedic medicine, the heart is an organ that works in close harmony with the mind.
According to the renowned  ayurvedic physician Swami Joythimayananda, author of the book “Ayurveda, an ancient science to modern man”:

“Healing the heart can cure all mind  and nervous system disorders.
In today’s world increasingly urban, hectic and demanding, we can perceive how our students suffer from lack of concentration, forgetfulness, tendency to despondency, discouragement and depression, fears, insecurities, physical and emotional pain * …
In fact more and more people go to the doctor for anxiety medication!,
Now people are looking for drugs alternatives and solutions that goes beyond traditional medicine, like techniques such as yoga, breathing or therapists.


The gravity Free AeroYoga® system on the swing allows in a effectively way clear mind and body and free it from the constantl strain to which Western man is subjected.


Ayurveda recommends the use of better food and a philosophy of life to enhance our mood,
The AeroYoga method, inspired by this ancient health propose a series of exercises and postures that will help a consciously heart feel  improving nutritional effect, anti aging and detox .

To ‘feed’ the heart aerial yoga (AeroYoga®)  offers sequences and classes of level ’0 ‘and ’1′, less demanding, allow focus on abdominal and thoracic breathing, stabilize biorhythms, relieve feelings of oppression in the chest and improve digestion.

The International AeroYoga® Association  trains teachers worldwide. Requires the official seal on your AeroYoga® and AeroPilates® studio.

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AeroYoga® swing  the body and heart, allowing the energy and sense of well being recirculated through the heart muscle.

* Health problems must be supervised by health professionals,. Consult  to your doctor about any health problem.


By Antoine de Luversac for AeroYoga®

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