Aerial Meditation on a Swing, Practice Outside, Power Anti Age & Anti Stress

Aerial meditationAirMeditation© or Aerial Meditation© is a way to facilitate the meditative process, throught a new artwork concept for personal growth,  in suspension called AeroYoga®, by  Rafael Martinez.
AeroYoga® is an original method that includes aerial poses and exercices in the air, with the help of the tool called AeroYoga® swing ( this prop is included on the AeroYoga® System, trought the original and affordable meditation seat called the AeroMeditation© seat.


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AeroMeditación© is an artistic method of mental and emotional development internationally developed by Rafael Martinez from the past decade and using the AeroMeditation© Seat as a work platform.

Aerial Yoga
Acrobatic advanced Aerial Poses Are Included during the AeroYoga® International Teachers Training

Rafael has trained and introduced the first teachers of Aerial Yoga © in Spain and Europe and includes courses in professional concepts like AerialMeditation ©, AeroPranayama © (conscious breathing in suspension) and AeroNidra © (suspended Deep Relaxation).
In turn Rafael proposed courses work outdoors (Outside AeroYoga®), work in nature and amazing environments to promote awareness, concentration, safety and great results with their original exercises.

Exercises AeroMeditación © by AeroYoga ® should be conducted under supervision and a licensed teacher for AeroYoga ® Aerial Pilates ® AerialFitness ® International.
Order the official seal AeroYoga ® International in your studio, gym or yoga or Pilates:
Only official AeroYoga ® centers can guarantee safety and results with exercise.
More details on the certification of teachers and where AeroYoga ® official practice in the nearest center in your country or contact enters in

The Aero Meditation© allows to learn how to pacify our mind and achieve a better state of peace, the instant calm feeling and enjoying  the suspension effect, aerial weightlessness…

Aerial Yoga Teachers Training

The AeroMeditación © can run on different postures, some more comfortable than others, with the support of the AeroYoga®  and Aerial Pilates© hammock, also allows the upright postures effortlessly column stability and great legs and hip joints, allowing access these positions to people with joint problems *.

Aerial Yoga Swing

Benefits *
In addition, the YogaSwing AerialMeditation© allows a correct and comfortable, more accessible and ergonomic posture for the knee and the bottom of the column.

Well executed meditation exercises can bring benefits to our health.
Studies at the University of Chicago have shown some benefits * of meditation, which are:

· Reduction of stress.

· Increased ability to concentrate,

· Better quality of sleep,

· Reduce anxiety levels.

· Reduce levels of depression.

· Increase physical and mental relaxation

· Increase self-esteem.

· Can Assist and neuronal cell rejuvenation

All centers offering the AeroYoga®, AerialPilates® AeroFitness® method have been certified with Rafael Martinez AeroYoga® International.

The first centers offering the original methods AerialYoga (YogaAéreo ©) AerialPIlates ( PilatesAéreo ©) Anad Aerial Fitness (FitnessAereo ©)by AeroYoga ® International in Spain Europe and America have been certified by the hand of Rafael Martinez through AeroYoga ® Institute.

* Information note nonbinding.  consult always your doctor any health problem and the convenience to practice in your case a demanding physical activity such as Aero Yoga.
We recommend performing the meditation practice under the direction of a good professional ..

© AeroMeditation is part of the AeroYoga® method.
If you want to get certified as a teacher in international AeroYoga® AerialPilates® AerialFitness® or attend classes, see the official AeroYoga ® International nearest center in your city or country in the mail:

AeroYoga® Institute is the first specialized Aerial Yoga Center on the wordl Member of IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapist).
IAYT Member Schools primarily include schools and individuals with yoga
therapy training programs. Please visit the websites for schools in
which you are interested for details about their programs.

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