About the AeroYoga® Teacher Training Agenda.

On his Article: More information about the AeroYoga® teacher training agenda. From Rafael Martinez, AeroYoga® Institute executive director
AeroYoga® is the firts method applying conscious breathing (from Natha Yoga & Pranayama) and Bnadhas to the Aerial Postures postures, with exercises like:

·Dynamic breathing and respiration “static” square breathing, apneas with and without air trapping (Puraka and Rechaka) applied to the Aerial Yoga Suspension training and to the facedown aerial positions.
·Conscious breathing applied to physical demand as well as weightless relaxation postures.

We  fix special attention on Aerial Bandhas©, the yogic contractions method applied to the AeroYoga® Method (mula bandha, Uddijana bandha, Jalandhara Bandha) and Naulis-massage the belly-that allow tone and help restore digestive health .

·The Naulis are also an excellent exercise for toning the abdominal and lumbar musculature itself, strengthening our  natural”girdle” , strength and balance shaft.

The  Naulis reenable-based digestive health in Ayurveda, allowing better assimilate nutrients and eliminate toxins more effectively *.

Aerial Yoga Classic Session offers us a world with a lot of wonderful possibilities almost infinite postural least most demanding and always combined with adapted breaths, studied after years of practice and study by Rafael Martinez and heir students.

Rafael Martinez practiced, Yoga, Pranayama and meditation from 14 years old. He studied four years of Natha Yoga with the Federation Française des Ecoles of Yoga (Rafael Martinez is a certified teacher trainer in Natha Yoga)) under the direction of Christian Thikhomiroff, introducer of Natha Yoga in Europe.

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