25 Aerial Yoga Total Benefits

Photos: With the International AeroYoga teachers training ®, Madrid Spain June 2012.  (Aerial gravity free yoga and pilates anti age).

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25 Aerial Yoga Benefits

AeroYoga ® is the art of gravity free personal development with the help of an special swing,  that can bring great benefits * for health and beauty such as weight loss, muscle redefinition , anti aging combating effectively  localized fat, boost circulation and  stress.

In this post we remind the 25 benefits of the AeroYoga® practice

These benefits are the result of the AeroYoga ® Institute experience and research that also has the help of health professionals among its staff and graduates, advising for a safe practice with which results

Rafael Martinez leads the AeroYoga ® Institute and international formations.  Aerial  Yoga (AeroYoga ®) is the only method that unites Art, Ayurveda, Art Therapy, Natha Yoga,  holistic Fitness and  free Gravity flying gym *

the 25 benefits of the AeroYoga® practice 

Benefit 1· Tones and redefine your body.

Benefit 2· Boost your mental abilities.

Benefit 3· Eliminates back pain.

Benefit 4· Nourish your skin.

Benefit 5· Combat cellulite.

Benefit 6· Fight the flab.

Benefit 7· Reactive circulation.

Benefit 8· Reactive respiratory system.

Benefit 9· Strengthen and redefine the muscles.

Benefit 10· Regenerates and strengthens joints.

Benefit 11· Reactive digestive system.

Benefit 12· Drainage lymphatic and circulatory systems.

Benefit 13· Growth and physical stretching.

Benefit 14· Combat hypertension.

Benefit 15· Relaxing mind.

Benefit 16·Anti Age Power.

Benefit 17· Regenerate your mind.

Benefit 18· Rebuild your emotional system.

Benefit 19· Increase your creativity.

Benefit 20·Helps fight fears and phobias.

Benefit 21· Combat stress.

Benefit 22· Extremely useful in rehabilitation ( anti gravity physiotherapy).

Benefit 23· Strengthens the neural connections strengthen memory and intelligence.

Benefit 24· Develop artistic skills of the person.

Benefit 25· Raise awareness of your body.


* Different scientific studies show physical and psychological benefits of the practice of an activity like yoga or meditation.This text is for information only, Aero Yoga has artistic and recreational purposes.

The information provided on this site is provided  for educational and training purposes, and does not replace the views, advice and recommendations from a health professional.Decisions regarding health should be taken by a health professional, considering the unique characteristics of the patient.

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