Aerial Yoga: New Video! Acro Exercice with Rafael Martinez

ACROBATIC AERIAL PILATES POSE – VAIHAYASA PILATES: SuperHero© Pose: A video by Rafael Martinez, executive director from AeroYoga® International(SEE THE VIDEO BELOW!) MAIL Whatsapp- Teléfono +34 680 905 699 Web:  AeroYoga® International Presents an original acrobatic aerial pilates pose, The SuperHero©.             SEE THE VIDEO-EXERCICE NOW!:   During [...]

Aerial Yoga Therapeutic Poses, Video Exercice!

  Aerial Yoga: Therapeutic* Exercise Video Anti Stress in the AeroYoga® Trapezium A video by Rafael Martinez, executive director from AeroYoga® Internationa MAIL Whatsapp- Teléfono +34 680 905 699Web: AEROYOGA IS ALSO A THERAPEUTIC* AND RESTORATIVE METHOD , EVEN IN HIS ADVANCED LEVELS ( ACRO, AERO YOGA ACROBATIC YOGA & PILATES) Read this article [...]

Aerial Yoga Teachers Training Group, Today in Madrid AeroYoga® Institute

  Aero yoga Text and Pics by Rafael Martíne on Facebook, click here! also onInstagram click here! Take a look and Follow Aero Yoga Official Page on Facebbok, click here!   Today with the ‪#‎AerialYoga‬ Teacher Training students Where? Aero yoga® Institute Madrid (& Aero Pilates ) WHERE?: WEEKEND TT ‪#‎SPAIN‬- OCT 2014 Thanks to [...]

Aerial Yoga: The “Christ” Pose, Benefits for Muscular System & Wellness

On this Album: AeroYoga® International Presents a series of images and original AeroYoga ® method poses, with its benefits for health and physical well-being, positive effects on emotional and mental level, how can improve breathing and spiritually nourishing effect. FIND THIS PHOTO IN THE ALBUM “AERIAL YOGA POSES & BENEFITS” ON FACEBOOK. Click here to [...]

Aerial Pilates Puerto Rico: The Trapeze for Yoga, Pilates & Fitness

In this article, Introducing AerialPilates® in Puerto Rico. AeroYoga® International (Aerial Pilates, Pilates Swing, Pilates Trapeze, Aerial Fitness) – ‘ International Teachers Training in  USA and Puerto Rico with Rafael Martínez and his team. C O N T A C T Mail Whatsapp+34 680 905 699 RAFAEL MARTINEZ DEVELOPS AERIAL PILATES & AERIAL YOGA [...]

Aerial Yoga: AeroYoga® on Vogue Magazine, Wellness, Beauty and Health

Vogue, Interview with Rafael Martinez, AeroYoga® method designer. Photos: AeroYoga® International Teachers Training students. Thanks to Beatriz de Asis, Vogue editor, and top model Clara Alonso AeroYoga® Teacher Training student. Mail: or Whatsapp  +34 680 905 699 CONTACT Mail WHATSAPP – PHONE  +34 680 905 699 TODAY ON  VOGUE SPAIN, COVER! CLICK HERE [...]

Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Video: Aero Meditation with Dogs on the Beach, Puerto Rico!

  #‎AEROYOGA & MEDITATION with Rafael Martinez and his dogs Lola y Napoleón ( on the beautiful beaches of Puerto Rico , follow us this year in Puerto Rico enter on www.aeroyoga.usAn Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Free Class (by AeroYoga®) Look here! If you are interested in training as an AeroYoga® and AeroPilates® teacher in [...]

Aerial Yoga: The Aero- Locust Pose in Puerto Rico, by AeroYoga® (Vaihayasa Yoga)

Pic & text original by Aero yoga®, Click Here to follow the AeroYoga® Official Page on Facebook ‪#‎AERIALYOGA‬ ‪#‎ASANA‬: THE ‪#‎AERO‬ LOCUST ‪#‎POSE‬ (‪#‎VAIHAYASA‬ ‪#‎SALABHASANA‬), ‪#‎TODAY‬, ENJOYING ‪#‎PUERTORICO‬ con Rafael MartínezFOLLOW US ON WWW.AEROYOGA.US WE ‪#‎LOVE‬ ‪#‎FLYING‬ ! C O N T A C T Mail:  Whatsapp +34 680 905 699   MIRA [...]

Aerial Yoga: Join in October Next French AeroYoga® International Teachers Training, Aix en Provence!

Aerial Yoga & Aerial Pilates Pilates by AeroYoga® International: Second French Teacher Training, AeroYoga® AeroPilates® AerialFitness® Official TT, France! On this article:Original pictures taked on our International Teachers Training (© copyright) DATES: OCT 26 -NOV 2, 2014 – JOIN THE INTERNATIONAL AEROYOGA® OFFICIAL TEACHERS TRAINING WHERE?: AIX EN PROVENCE 2nd Teachers Training in France with [...]