Aerial Yoga Teacher Training, Bogotá Colombia 2014, 23-30 March, By AeroYoga® International

Welcome to Colombia: Be AeroYoga®  with Rafael Martínez and his team. NEW DEGREE AEROYOGA ® INTERNATIONAL ALSO IN COLOMBIA! Become an Aerial Yoga Teacher by AeroYoga® International with “the first Aerial Yoga  teacher training school in Europe.”   AeroYoga ®, the international artistic method of yoga in the air, returned to Colombia in 2014!: Traineeship [...]

Aerial Yoga Crystal healing Benefits * and Well Being with White Quartz and Amethyst.

Aerial Yoga: AeroYoga ® Institute uses the Aerial Yoga anti aging benefits for health* and well-being (wellness) for body and soul, of gems and stones (crystal healing ) applied to the original method AeroYoga ® and Aerial Yoga and the Aerial Fitness® the original methods of AeroYoga® Institute. Benefits* for Health and Well Being White [...]