(Aerial Yoga©) AeroYoga® System, a Linfatique Massage with 3 Targets: Circulatory, linfatique, Emotional Drainage

AEROYOGA ® International wishes you a HAPPY 2014! Know in  this article the benefits* of the original Aero Drainage©! by Aerial Yoga©. Aerial Drainage© is an extension of the AeroYoga® technique, an artistic method of personal growth* designed by Rafael Martinez. Contact Mail:aeroyoga@aeroyoga.info www.aeroyoga.us (english) www.yogaaerien.eu (français) www.aeroyoga.es (español). CONSULT THE NEW YEAR SPECIAL OFFER [...]

International Aerial Yoga© Teacher Training Pictures, Madrid, AeroYoga® International Spain.

  An Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Free Class (by AeroYoga®) Look here! https://youtu.be/_V-kHtaYkg0 If you are interested in training as an AeroYoga® and AeroPilates® teacher in your country, do not hesitate to contact: WHATSAPP +1 787 6921840    +34 601083313 MAIL fakiryoga@gmail.com WEB aeroyoga-official.com  aeroyoga.us   Rafael Martinez propose in Europe and América the original  AeroYoga®  (Aerial Yoga®) Teacher Training, for [...]