Aerial Meditation: Anti Stress Effects by AeroYoga®.

AeroMeditation© in La Mancha region, Spain  with Rafael Martinez by  International AeroYoga® This August we have been in La Mancha region, Spain, practicing Aerial Meditation©. As Quixotes defying the heat, we found places full of nature, magic and intimacy to practice meditation outdoors. Photos: With the AeroYoga ® Institute crew, August  2013, meditation in weightlessness [...]

Anti Cellulite : Nutrition Tips and Drenaige with AeroYoga®

The AeroYoga® (Aerial Yoga) practice   and a proper nutrition* can be a natural and effective solution to combat cellulite. Red fruits. green tee , less sugar and salt and exercices to help to drainage, like the AeroYoga® Method, are some tips to tonifie your body and avoid cellulite Cellulitis can be caused by various reasons: [...]