From Aero Yoga to Aerial Pilates: The Artistic Way With a Swing

Contact: Aerial Pilates is an artistic  postural  method to enhance the physical and mental abilities.Used in approved centers, has been created and developed in Spain by Rafael Martinez, from the AeroYoga ® Institute, Headquarters of International AeroYoga® Association. AeroPilates ®  is a postural correction method used with the Aerial Pilates© Swing.Ask about the [...]

AeroYoga© Poses, the Aerial Goddess with Rafael Martinez.

CONTACT: (english) AerialYoga© Poses,  the Aerial Goddess on the Swing, with Rafael Martinez. Know today about this posture: Feel the body working with the help of the gravity free swing and get anti stress and relaxing results: Good for body and soul. Call today for more info about our international teachers training: 00 [...]