25 Aerial Yoga Total Benefits

Photos: With the International AeroYoga teachers training ®, Madrid Spain June 2012.  (Aerial gravity free yoga and pilates anti age). Contact mail: aeroyoga@aeroyoga.es 25 Aerial Yoga Benefits AeroYoga ® is the art of gravity free personal development with the help of an special swing,  that can bring great benefits * for health and beauty such [...]

Aerial Yoga Exercises for Nervous System, Stress and Anxiety

Aerial yoga (Conceptual Fitness®) are specially designed to strengthen nervous system, freeing the body of the pressures exerted allow to the mind recovers clarity, awareness and connection to the body.   [tabbed tabs="Training|Facebook|Twitter "] [tab] http://aeroyogausa.com/hello-world/ [/tab] [tab] https://www.facebook.com/pages/Aero-yoga/121538201198085[/tab] [tab]https://twitter.com/aeroyoga [/tab] [/tabbed] Today people need to exercise more than just the body. The emotional system and internal [...]

The AeroYoga® & AeroPilates® Teachers Training Full Agenda

Known in this article the AeroYoga® & AeroPilates® teacher training  full agenda  : Two integral systems that opens the door for development and personal growth (all levels, all conditions, all ages). The Aero Yoga ® Institute is responsible for initial Aerial Yoga, fitness and pilates teacher training in Europe. It provides a comprehensive programme of [...]

Aerial Yoga Institute: Where we are?

·AeroYoga® Institute ·Calle Colombia 4 28016 Madrid, Spain ·Phone: 00 +34 91 457 2215 ·Cell: 00 +34 658 644 769 ·Mail: aeroyoga@aeroyoga.es