All About the AeroYoga® System

AeroYoga® is a unique, fascinating, creative, playful and effective technique for physical and psychological well-being. AeroYoga® (Conceptual Fitness©) is designed to enhance perfect health, consciousness, and the total beauty of one’s being. Aero Yoga comprises notions of Natha Yoga, Ayurveda, Art Therapy, Pilates, Holistic GYm, Anatomy, Physiotherapy, Health, Nutrition, Aromatherapy and applies these to its [...]

AeroYoga ® Teacher Training: Aerial International Yoga Pilates Fitness Seminars and Diploma

——————————————————— The AeroYoga® International Aerial Yoga & Aerial Pilates  associated centers offers you  the ultimate and complete training to receive the AeroYoga® teaching diploma with Rafael Martínez and his team and to teach and use the Aero Yoga® international brand at your center. ——————————————————— ——————————————————— If you are interested in training as an AeroYoga® teacher in your country, [...]